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About Us



Homelessness is one of the most extreme downstream effects of an ongoing lack of access to equitable housing throughout our community. People experiencing chronic homelessness are some of the most medically and economically vulnerable and historically marginalized members of our community. Nearly all people experiencing chronic homelessness have extremely low or no incomes, and most have disabilities that significantly limit daily function and ability to independently obtain and retain housing. Regional racial disparities in homelessness also function both as an effect of an ongoing contributor to broader racial inequities in housing, employment, and access to services. 


To more effectively address chronic homelessness and the community’s lack of equitable housing, Henning, Inc. was founded in 2020 to develop and operate supportive and transitional housing programs in Anchorage. Our organization is named in remembrance Shannon Henning (pictured above, a 25-year-old who was killed by an impaired driver on Third Avenue when she crossed the street. Shannon was chronically homeless and suffered from behavioral health and substance misuse challenges that were rooted in trauma.  We are fiercely committed to ensuring that nobody else loses their life because of the gaps in our homelessness response system.


Henning, Inc. provides a variety of solutions and works with each person to help them reach their full potential, as each person will have their own challenges and barriers to overcome on their path to self-sufficiency. Henning, Inc, is different from other organizations- the founders and staff have either experienced life on the streets, are in recovery, or have experienced extreme poverty. Our lived experience drives us to get in the trenches and lift people out of desperation.

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