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Henning Houses

Providing Supportive Housing One step at a time

To Henning Inc., housing means more than a building with services. Our program, Henning Houses, values the way we interact with our residents, and it creates a path that helps people succeed over the long term.

Our residents live with challenges that would seem overwhelming to the average person - severe poverty, trauma, mental illness, and substance use disorders - we take these in stride. To help individuals succeed, residents will have access to supportive services.

Supportive services are included but not limited to...

  • Mental health treatment referrals

  • Substance use treatment referrals

  • Peer support

  • Payee Services

  • Community -building activities


  • Willing to participate in an 18-24 month program

  • Employed or receiving benefits (we work with residents to obtain benefits)

  • Receiving snap benefits or eligible for them

  • Able to perform ADLs without support

  • Willing to work with Henning Housing Specialists

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