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We thrive on impacting lives, and we are committed to ensuring our programs are targeted and results oriented. Measuring outcomes is a fundamental part of how we work. We track individuals across multiple programs, ensuring they have all the resources they need to be self-sufficient. We analyze our programs and our impact on participants so we can adjust and improve in real time. 


Our goal is to help transition those experiencing homelessness into permanent, self-sustaining living by building a personal connection with each of these individuals.


We strive to improve the individual’s housing, health status, and social support network. We are knowledgeable of the resources and services available in this sector and surrounding regions that are applicable to these individuals and inform them of these opportunities.

Henning Inc. works with clients to identify specific financial, housing, health or emotional needs, and to provide necessary support and referrals. Residential support services are provided by Henning Inc. We also help low-income families and individuals determine public assistance needs, which programs they qualify for, and how to apply for benefits.

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