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Henning Communities

Henning Communities helps single adults and families in Anchorage rise above poverty. We work in areas where we can address the greatest barriers to self-sufficiency through financial empowerment, career programs, and access to community resources. We are dedicated to the long-term position of supporting individuals and families as they establish self-sufficiency. Our services creates opportunities for our program's participants to thrive in every aspect of their lives. 

We maximize our ability to provide our communities with the resources needed to increase opportunities, strengthen neighborhoods, and transcend poverty.

Henning Communities has identified two areas as the best ways to systematically address the risk factors associated with poverty – Stabilization and Success programs, and Community Resources. Our Stabilization and Success programs include GED and college preparation, and career training & job placement opportunities. And, to help our community members address the barriers that limit their success, we offer resources including resident support, financial counseling, assistance accessing benefits, and more. 

Donating Food to Charity

Our integrated approach makes us different, because long term change requires more than one service. We focus on connecting our program participants to the full scope of services they need. These services are provided in a comprehensive, integrated manner – streamlining the participants’ experience to minimize red tape associated with accessing benefits and services. We connect participants to these services through our own programs or through community partnerships. This integration of services helps us respond to our participants’ needs in a holistic way.

We thrive on impacting lives, and we are committed to ensuring our programs are targeted and results oriented. Measuring outcomes is a fundamental part of how we work. We track individuals across multiple programs, ensuring they have all the resources they need to be self-sufficient. We analyze our programs and our impact on participants so we can adjust and improve in real time. 


We work in downtown Anchorage, a community that has significant needs. The poverty and homelessness rates lead to almost insurmountable disadvantages that stem from dramatically high numbers of people experiencing homelessness to people who don’t have the resources they need to maintain even their basic needs. 

Benefits Screening

Henning Communities works with clients to identify specific financial, housing, health or emotional needs, and to provide necessary support and referrals. Residential support services are provided by Henning Communities. We also help low-income families and individuals determine public assistance needs, which programs they qualify for, and how to apply for benefits.

Participants are screened for: 

  • SNAP Benefits

  • Senior Benefits 

  • Temporary Assistance Program 

  • Adult Public Assistance 

  • Health Care Insurance, through Medicaid and Denali Kid Care 

  • Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) 

  • Lifeline phone service 

  • Rental Assistance  

  • Payee services 

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