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Professional Development

After working with housing specialists to secure housing, our clients' next hurdle is finding employment to retain their new housing. There are multiple steps to gaining employment and  we offer a variety of programs to help along the way. 


Resume Workshops 

First impressions make all the difference, which is way we're committed to helping our clients draft, edit, format, and submit their resumes. We teach and give resources for current best practices, tips and tricks, and share resources to help our residents land a new job. 


Interview Prep

One of the biggest hurdles to landing a job while experiencing homelessness can be appearance. We work to provide showers, dental and personal hygiene products, and clean professional clothing for our clients. Thanks to community partners, our clients also have the opportunity to get a free haircut through name here. 


Professional Development and Opportunities 

 Janitorial and Culinary Arts training opportunities are provided to our clients through community partnerships and staff lead classes. We are also proud to employ previous residents at Henning Inc. 

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