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"We walk beside you."

May 2020

Shannon Henning  is 

killed in downtown Anchorage and Henning Inc. is created to honor her memory.


Shawn and Rob continue advocating for our most vulnerable through building community partners.


First project launched in May and served 80 Alaskans in the Aviator Hotel.


Henning Inc. housed 204 Alaskans and shelters hundreds more in the Cold Weather Shelter.


Henning Inc. operates Anchorage’s emergency cold weather response programs, serving more than 2,600 Alaskans.

Your unrestricted donation can make a real difference by enabling us to offer tailored services to our most vulnerable. Please consider donating today to support our vision for Anchorage.

As a community-based organization, volunteers are the life force and backbone of our work.

We count on the kindness of Corporate Sponsors. Whether you're starting or growing your Corporate Giving Program, know that it's a solid investment in your organization's and our community's future.

Homelessness is a pressing issue in our community, stemming from systemic housing inequalities. Henning Inc. was founded in 2020 with a clear mission: to confront chronic homelessness by addressing housing disparities in Anchorage. Our commitment stems from the tragic loss of Shannon Henning, underscoring the urgency for action. 

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