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Henning Inc. Reaffirms its Commitment to Mission to Protect our Most Vulnerable

Henning Inc. is steadfast in addressing the shortcomings of our homelessness response system.  

Anchorage: While the temperatures are rising, we have seen a rise in outdoor deaths as emergency shelters have been ceasing operations. Our most vulnerable are stuck in a cycle that they have no control over, leading to deaths that are easy to avoid by providing shelter.  

“We are devastated to continue learning about outdoor deaths on the rise in our homeless community,” explained Executive Director Shawn Hays. “I started Henning Inc. to honor Shannon Henning who lost her life because of the shortcomings of our homelessness response systems. Providing shelter without access to resources is not adequate.” 

“Making sure that our clients have a safe place to sleep at night is the first step to recovery,” said Operations Director Crystal Abbott. “When you’ve been continuously looked down on, you lose hope, and people need hope to move from survival to full recovery. Our operations, from emergency cold weather shelters and the low-income housing at the Golden Lion to case management and behavioral health aides provide the hope that’s desperately needed.”  

“Our peer-led and lived experience model is what works,” explained Rob Seay Deputy Executive Director. “Our team truly understands addiction, mental health struggles, and extreme poverty, because we’ve experienced it ourselves, and that’s exactly why Henning serves 81% of Anchorage’s homeless.”  



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