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Henning Inc. Supports Municipality’s Request to Fund CWS Year-Round

Henning Inc. is proud to continue our commitment to our mission, no matter the cost.


April 3, 2024 

Anchorage: The four million dollars in funding requested by Mayor Bronson and the Anchorage Assembly to keep the emergency cold weather shelter (CWS) operating year-round was voted out of committee, and with temperatures rising, there is no legal requirement for the municipality to keep the emergency shelter open. However, there are just under 900 Alaskans residing at CWS and other shelters throughout Anchorage who, when these shelters cease emergency cold weather operations for the summer, will have no place else to go but to camp or survive on our streets.  

“CWS houses 200 Alaskans, with our partnership with the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness to house 150 through spring, and an additional 150 more through summer,” explained Deputy Executive Director Rob Seay, “that’s 500 Alaskans that have a safe place to sleep at night who didn’t at the beginning of the year, and who won’t freeze when temperatures start to drop again in November.” 

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