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Henning Inc. Urges Assembly to Adopt Mayor Bronson’s Resolution to Ship Sprung Structure to House Hundreds of Unhoused Alaskans

Updated: Apr 11

Henning Inc. Supports Mayor Bronson’s efforts to address Anchorage’s homelessness crisis.

Anchorage: Tuesday, the Anchorage Assembly failed to adopt Mayor Bronson's laid-on-the-table resolution that would have housed close to 900 homeless Alaskans. The Assembly argued that the resolution was improperly submitted because the resolution wasn’t submitted by regular deadlines, and requested the Administration resubmit it for consideration at the April 23, 2024 meeting.   

“Time is everything, and come June first, 900 homeless Alaskans will be sent outside to fend for themselves. If that isn’t an emergency, then I don’t know what one looks like,” said Rob Seay, Deputy Executive Director. “Having a safe place where you can sleep at night is the first step of many to addressing the complex root of homelessness.”   

Please support our mission and vision for Anchorage by encouraging the Assembly to pass a motion to ship these materials immediately.  


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