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Henning has been the operator for our city’s emergency cold weather response, serving 2,600 of 3,200 unhoused Alaskans since 2022. From the start, we have run under a peer-support model, because we know that trauma, addiction, mental health struggles, and homelessness is something you can only understand if you yourself lived through it. 


Homelessness in Anchorage has been politicized and kept in a continuous cycle. For years and through various administrations and assemblies, Anchorage has reused the same short-term emergency cold weather plans, scrambling in the winter to find funding and quality operators to abating emergency shelters and camps come summer. Enough is enough – which is exactly why Henning held a public presentation this week to show our long-term sustainable plan.  


It’s not a matter of policy; it’s a matter of human life.  


We’ve taken politics out of homelessness and now it’s time to do the work. The Bronson Administration shared the original plans of the navigation center and we’re excited to continue our mission of addressing the roots of homelessness. Please join us Tuesday, May 14th from 9-10am on the third floor of Cowork by RSD, 911 W. 8th, learn about how we plan to continue walking beside our most vulnerable. November will be here before we know it and we can’t afford to see more Alaskans freeze on our streets. 


There’s more to life than shelter, together we can go beyond,  


Shawn Hays  

Founder & Executive Director  

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