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Henning Inc. accepts $20,000 Community Grant from Mayor Bronson

Henning Inc. is proud to be a recipient of the 2024 Mayor’s Community Grant 

Anchorage: Each year, the Anchorage Mayor’s office makes a significant investment in local non-profits and charities who are dedicated to improving Anchorage’s well-being through social services, work force development, public safety, and education. Henning Inc. is honored to be among those recognized, winning a grant of $20,000.  

“I am both honored and humbled,” said Executive Director Shawn Hays. “Chronic homelessness is rooted in a combination of trauma, mental illness, and other factors; not due to laziness or being unwilling to work. This grant will make a significant impact on our clients, Anchorage’s most vulnerable, who are in desperate need of not just resources, but compassion and humility.”  

“Henning Inc. started in 2020 to create a new future for Anchorage: a more just, equitable, and compassionate society where homelessness is brief and solvable,” explained Rob Seay, Deputy Executive Director. “We meet people where they are and walk them until they are self-sufficient. I am excited that Henning Inc. has been recognized as we continue to make strides addressing the root of homelessness.” 

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