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Henning Inc. Celebrates Successes from 2023-2024 Emergency Cold Weather Shelter Operations

Henning Inc. is steadfast in our commitment to our mission and housed 210 homeless Alaskans.  

Anchorage: Henning Inc served over 2,600 Alaskans experiencing homelessness during the 2023-2024 emergency cold weather shelter operations, more than 80% of Anchorage’s homeless population. Our operations included the non-congregate Alex Hotel and the Aviator Hotel shelters and the congregate shelter at the former solid waste transfer station. In addition to the transitional housing and low-income housing operations like at the former Golden Lion Hotel.  

“Our dedicated team worked tirelessly to house 210 Alaskans experiencing homelessness during the 2023-2024 emergency cold weather shelter operations,” said Executive Director Shawn Hays. “The funding provided from the Anchorage Collation to End Homelessness was crucial to our efforts to house 97 Alaskans from the Alex, 74 from the Aviator, and 39 from the CWS shelter.”  

“Shelter saves lives,” explained Deputy Executive Director Rob Seay, “and we’re excited to continue our mission for Anchorage and serving our community’s most vulnerable. While summer has officially started, winter will be here before we know it, and our work is far from over.”  

“Our operations did more than house 210 of homeless Alaskans,” said Operations Director Crystal Abbott, “they saved Alaskans from freezing on our streets and parks.”  

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