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Henning Inc. Condemns Supreme Court’s Ruling in Grants Pass v. Johnson

Henning Inc. stays steadfast to our mission to end homelessness by addressing the roots of homelessness 

Anchorage: Today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Grants Pass, in Grants Pass v. Johnson, making it legal for cities across the country to implement anti-camping ordinances. This decision will have profound negative impacts on homeless response programs nationwide.  

“I’m heartbroken with the Court’s decision,” said Executive Director Shawn Hays. “After having worked in homeless social services for more than a decade, I know what needs to be done to address the roots of homelessness. Criminalizing homelessness will not solve homelessness, it will only exacerbate an already growing problem.” 

“People who are experiencing homelessness need support and resources not policies that will create more barriers to housing,” explained Deputy Executive Director Rob Seay. “The decision made by the Supreme Court will victimize an already vulnerable population. In Anchorage, there are 3,600 homeless Alaskans who are now at risk of getting criminal penalties simply because they do not have a place to call home.”

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