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Henning Inc. To Hold a Public Presentation to Propose a Sustainable Long-term Solution to Address Homelessness

Henning Inc. remains committed to our mission and vision for Anchorage  

Anchorage: Henning Inc. repeatedly requested the opportunity to present our sustainable long-term solution to address homelessness to the Anchorage Assembly. Minutes before the Housing and Homelessness Committee met on Tuesday April 16th, Assembly Member Felix Riveria informed Henning Inc. we were not able to be put on the agenda to present but could give testimony during the meeting.  


“We have a sustainable long-term plan to address our city’s homeless crisis. There are three points I made during my testimony during the Tuesday committee meeting,” explained Rob Seay, Deputy Executive Director. “First, Henning operates the city’s emergency cold weather shelters, providing resources to over 2,000 of 3,200 Alaskans, and continues case management services year-round, because secondly, homelessness is not seasonal. Finally, I’m proud to be leading the charge to take politics out of this issue.” 


“Our vision for Anchorage has enough room for all perspectives, including both sides of the aisle, because homelessness is not determined by political party affiliation. We are encouraging community members, business leaders, and government officials alike to come together and hear how we plan to sustainably address the roots of homelessness,” explained Shayla Freirich, Communications Director. “Henning Inc. will be holding a public presentation at the Cowork by RSD 911 W 8th Ave Suite 101, on the third floor from 9-10AM on April 23rd. There will be a 30-minute Q&A session after the presentation. Please email us your questions directly to and we will include them in our presentation.”   

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